Edian Technical Services Consultants to the power industry Forty years of experience

Edian Technical Services is run and managed by Dr Edward Metcalfe, who has extensive experience in the power industry.

"I began my power industry career with the CEGB in 1973. I joined the successor company, National Power, upon privatisation in 1989. I joined International Power when National Power demerged in 2000 and retired from International Power at the end of 2010. Subsequently, I created Edian Technical Services Limited to provide consultancy services to the power industry."

Edian Technical Services Ltd supplies engineering consultancy services to the power industry.


Through this company, Director Ed Metcalfe currently supplies post-acquisition engineering and operations advice to Macquarie for the operations of their Baglan Bay and Sutton Bridge power stations, and Vitol for the operations of their Immingham CHP plant (VPI Immingham).


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